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Designing Email Campaigns For Mauna Loa

I was hired to design Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts email campaigns. They released their new branding and packaging, and needed help designing their monthly email campaigns. They wanted big and bold colors that surpirsed and delighted! With their new packaging photography and beautiful floral illustrations, I was able to combine their assets, colors and fonts to create these visually stunning, custom-designed, mobile-friendly emails to match their new modern brand vibe. Created fresh batches of emails every month, with gifs, for Mauna Loa for over a year remotely.


  • New branded assets (photos and illustrations): Mauna Loa

  • Email briefs & copywriting: Mauna Loa

  • Creative diretion & design of all email campaigns and gifs: Jennifer White


  • I would design all monthly emails in one sitting to review branding and mesaging all at once. I can design emails anywhere from a hour, to a few hours. I usually plan for  a few days up to a week of design for the entire month's emails. Timeline would be something like: 1 week design execution. 1 week design edits from team. Followed by a few days to slice up all of the emails into pieces and animate gifs, to deliver to email marketing stakeholder to plug into their email system.

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