About Sage & Spruce Design

Sage & Spruce Design offers award-winning creative strategy, consultation and design.  We love to partner with agencies, corporations and start ups. We are located in San Diego, CA.


We believe in working smarter not harder to make more time for the things you love, that simplicity is user experience elegance, that authenticity is a breath of fresh air and success is measured by how many hearts you touch to make a positive impact.


About the owner:

Jennifer White, owner and founder of Sage & Spruce Design, is a Creative Director and Award Winning Designer with over 10 years of experience working with agencies, start ups and corporations. She is currently the Creative Director of Perfect Snacks, and has a talent for untangling the complex and making it look effortless, as well as a passion for helping entrepreneurs build their brands with a strong foundation firmly rooted in strategy, vision and activation.

Get to know Jennifer White:

Do you prefer Jennifer or Jen?

Jen is great, short and sweet. I also respond to Jen Jen.


Behind or in front of the camera?  

I prefer to make my friends and clients look good behind the camera, I'm a little camera shy.

Favorite brands out there?



Favorite place to relax:

I'm in love with Four Moons Spa in Encinitas!


Favorite people:

My husband and my baby boy. I'm a proud wifey and mama!


Do you have a mantra?

Yes, work smarter not harder. I didn't start life as an organized person, but I quickly became one once I enjoyed the time saving benefits of process and organization. For one, we should be spending more time with family and friends and investing in our own self care, rather than tireless nights in front of a computer screen, distracted by the phone or wasting money spinning wheels. And two, when you work at a busy company with large workloads, it's important to work smart AND work hard to hit deadlines, but most importantly one must create time for smart, inspirational creative thinking and execution that consumers will remember. Organization and a strong foundation means success, and for me today that also means creating more time to be creative and present.

Your style:

Simple elegance, wild hair in bun, a chambray shirt or a black cocktail dress.

When I'm feeling "extra" I'll pull out something colorful and vintage from the 60's.

Your vibe:

I like to think I range from a roll-up-your sleeves and get to work kinda gal, mixed with a friendly optimistic attitude ready to unwind with some laughs over a coffee or glass of wine with a friend. I'm down to earth, I love one on one time to really get to know a person or client, and I listen more than I talk because I really like to understand the whole picture before offering ideas or solutions. I love smart, driven people who have a sense of humor, because having a good laugh at the end of a hard working day is the best therapy. Also, having lived in England for almost a decade, I love a dry, witty sense of humor (one of my husband's best traits!)

Cat or dog person:

I love dogs...but I also haven't met an animal I didn't like! Bring me all the puppies and kittens!

Chocolate or flowers:

I love shopping for flowers off Morena Blvd in San Diego, at Wholesale Flowers And Supplies. Their prices are amazing, I love walking into the cold box on a hot day, and their seasonal decor always makes me smile and feel nostalgic.

Favorite hobbies:

Gardening in the spring, floating in the salty ocean in the summer, camping in the fall, and skiing in the winter

(or maybe a weekend in Palm Springs). Who says Southern California doesn't have seasons?

Last words:

Life is short. Live more. Work smarter. Together, we can help you find just the right balance.

A breath of fresh air

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