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Biotech Microsite Get Comfy Launch

ResMed leads the way in cloud-connected medical devices that transform care for people with sleep apnea, COPD and other chronic diseases. Their comprehensive out-of-hospital software platforms support the professionals and caregivers who help people stay healthy in the home or care setting of their choice.

ResMed's digital marketing team needed help creating awareness for their new AirTouch F20 mask. They wanted to create a digital experience: an engaging microsite featuring 7 funny videos, a 4 week sweepstakes, emails and social media content.

My roles:

  • Creative Direction, strategy & branding

  • UX / Visual Design

My deliverables:

  • Completely refreshed visual designs (within brand) for:

  • Responsive microsite landing page design files (mobile and desktop) x 4
    for 4 weeks worth of sweepstakes updated content and headers

  • 7 unique email designs

  • 14 unique social media graphics and videos


  • Digital campaign (social assets, emails and website design) took two months of design, stakeholder feedback, and producing final assets.

Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 7.27.36 PM.png


Service Name

The Challenge

How to let CPAP patients know they can finally #getcomfy with their new uber-soft AirTouch F20 mask and say goodbye to nightly discomfort?


The Solution

ResMed saw the opportunity to put a social spotlight on this sore subject by making people laugh while educating them about the new AirTouch F20 mask by creating a delightful digital experience featuring 7 funny videos, an engaging microsite, a 4 week sweepstakes, emails and social content.



Service Name

The Target Audience

The digital campaign for the AirTouch F20 mask would target people who were existing CPAP mask wearers suffering from sleep apnea. This target audience is already familiar with wearing CPAP masks, would enjoy the humor of the videos, and are also familiar with the trials and tribulations of uncomfortable mask wearing, making them the ideal candiate to want to upgrade to an AirTouch F20 mask, as well as participate in the #getcomfy sweepstakes.


The Visual Design

I utilized ResMed branded colors, fonts and product photography to create eye catching infographics which highlighted the key features of the AirTouch F20 mask, in addition to using high res screen shots of the videos and characters to keep consistent storytelling and humor throughout the site and digital assets. Custom icons were also used in the sticky left nav to delight users, such as palm trees for the sweepstakes, a trophy for winner annoucements and a fluffy lamb to participate in social (all nods to the video content).



Final Thoughts

Making people laugh can resonate and move people around the world, especially for products that might be a little awkward like a sleep apnea mask. This campaign was joyful to it's CPAP mask wearing audience, while educating them on the comfort of the new AirTouch F20 mask, producing phenominal results. 

Within 4 weeks on Facebook there were 2 Million video views, 12,374 likes, 4,182 shares. 447% social engagement increase. Which led to 243,518 sweepstakes sign ups, $3.58 CPA for new leads, and 285% 1 year ROI from AirTouch #getcomfy. 

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