Perfect Snacks New Flavor Launch
& E-Commerce Landing Page

Company: Perfect Snacks

Creative Direction and holistic campaign creation, design & execution : Jennifer White

Photography & Styling: Jennifer White

Packaging Design : Megan S. & Desiree P.

Created all of the assets from the creative kick off, to designing the website, designing the email campaign, designing and animating digital ads, and shooting and styling all of the product photography in my studio, 

The Pitch, Story & Moodboard

Prior to starting a campaign I will be given marketing goals, and tasked to create a campaign pitch that includes three options to choose from, each with a creative campaign name, call to action, and a short story to kick off storytelling and copywriting. The chosen campaign is used as a visionary north star playbook to align marketing stakeholders prior to creating assets and going live.

Content Creation & Photography

Mobile and Desktop Design, UX/UI/Visual

Email Campaign Design & Creation

Digital Ad Creative Direction, Design & Creation