La Jolla Playhouse Website Redesign

Agency : MJD Interactive

Client: La Jolla Playhouse

Visual Design + Art Direction : Jennifer White

Lead UX Researcher + Strategist : Lindsay Matheson

Live Site:

La Jolla Playhouse needed a completely new website experience. They needed to optimize their user journey to learn about new shows and to buy tickets on desktop and mobile, delight their seasoned existing audience while also enticing a younger generation, and be as visually inspiring as the Metropolitan Opera House.

Every job I get to work with Lindsay Matheson I am spoiled. Her strategy, research, insight and wireframes are insightful and beautiful. It makes my job extremely pleasant and easy! In this case, my job was to create visually beautiful designs to bring her wireframes to life.

This is one of my favorite projects, and their website is still up and thriving today. You'll notice on their live site, they are using our structure but updating their hero images with their own seasonal branding so it does look a little different, but that is a great sign when you give a client a new beautiful website and they are able to get cozy within their template and keep the magic alive over years as their brand evolves.

A breath of fresh air

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