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Creating Campaigns For Clean Beauty

Kopari Beauty operates an e-commerce beauty brand that creates a wide range of beauty products that are a natural extension of coconut oil's uses and benefits. The company's beauty brand includes organic coconut oil and is free from sulfates, silicone, parables and other harmful ingredients enabling the beauty market customers to enjoy cutting-edge chemistry and superior natural ingredients to enhance the benefits of coconut oil and provide multi-purpose formulations that deliver effective results.

Kopari is growing! And evolving their brand, including updated packaging that feels high end. They requested creative concepts and a mini branding guide to unite the storytelling and visuals for the launch of their luxurious Ulta Restore Body Butter with Hyaluronic Acid.

My roles:

  • Creative Direction, strategy & branding


  • Two weeks of creative direction, design and stakeholder feedback to prepare storytelling concepts and complete mini branding guide including shotlist for internal team video and photoshoots.

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The Challenge

Kopari's Ulta Restore Body Butter would launch in store at Ulta and online. 


Ulta sells cosmetics, perfumes, skincare, and more. Since their founding, Ulta has been able to harness the power of digital marketing in order to build their customer base, increase sales, and ultimately become the most successful and popular source for beauty products (beating out powerhouse Sephora).

Ulta is a very crowded space, so it's crucial for brands like Kopari to stand out with their branding, as well as stay consistent with their visuals, storytelling and most importatnly clean beauty creds at all consumer touchpoints, especially online on their website and on social media.

This requires alot of assets for all of the brand's key stakeholders. This requires consistent storytelling and a branding guide to unite the vision of Kopari stakeholders, internal designers and external agencies.


The Solution

Campaign Storytelling Concepts

By creating a consistent story and consistent visuals that also educates consumers on the launch of new product Ultra Restore Body Butter, Kopari will be set up for success to cut through the noise of other brands, as well as become recognizable (and memorable) at all digital touch points, as well as on shelf at Ulta Beauty. Three concepts were presented, and one was chosen.

A Branding Guide

A mini branding guide was also created for the launch of Ultra Restore Body Butter so that when all stakeholders and designers have to create and launch assets they look like they are all apart of the same campaign, and pull from the same storytelling copy deck that is not only educational on the product, but also has the same tone of voice that resonates with Gen Z consumers.

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The Target Audience

Kopari's target audience is Gen Z. The beauty industry is being transformed by Generation Z’s enthusiasm for skincare products and sophisticated appreciation of ingredients — and their desire for brands that connect with them like friends.

Gen Z consumers research between five to 10 ingredients before purchasing a product, exploring all the ingredients used in a formulation. Brands are responding by trying to make that process easier, providing extra information and playing the role of educators.

TikTok is often a first touch point for customers. The provision of engaging, informative content can be a strategic move to shorten the consumer journey. If you can do that effectively, the performance on-site — and in-store — is going to be much higher.


The Branding

Kopari stakeholders were presented with three different storytelling concepts, moodboards and a sample of copywriting that would set the tone for the entire campaign.

The chosen concept focused on concept 3: The sexy/sensual smooth texture of the new Ulta Restore Body Butter, in addition to it's sexy/sensual smooth results on dry skin. Visuals and photography would be nude in color, with a pop of color to grab youthful Gen Z consumers attention.

In the US, Gen Z is the most ethnically and racially diverse generation to date. Gen Z also prefer brands that create products for skin have a responsibility to represent all colours and tones spanning race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, body size and disability, and therefore the photography shotlist and models would reflect this as well.

In the final branding guide handed over to the Kopari team, I created examples of what every touch point should look like, so that all assets being created, from website, to emails, to social media, to PR kits and events, and Ulta displays would all look like they belonged to the same campaign. I also included copywriting headline examples and website copy.

2023 case study kopariKopari concepts.jpg
2023 case study kopariKopari Campaign Guidelines.jpg
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Final Thoughts

Kopari has an AMAZING team who knows beauty, business and marketing inside out. They also have amazing internal creatives and stakeholders producing brilliant content, who manage and inspire influencers and UGC. This combined with a strategic story and eye catching brand, Ultra Restore Body Butter was set up for ulimate success online and at Ulta, that it sold out in less than a week!

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