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Sage & Spruce is a design studio in San Diego California. We love to help corporations, agencies, and start ups find their magic. From packaging design to digital campaigns, contact us today and let us know how we can help you with your creative storytelling needs. Together, let's bring your brand to life.

Our Work

Sage & Spruce Design is a creative agency based out of San Diego, California. We create brands with compelling stories, unique identities, and memorable campaigns. We believe that simplicity is user experience elegance, that authenticity is a breath of fresh air and success is measured by the memories you create for others.

We took the Keith family story and delicious refrigerated protein bar, and turned it into a homemade national success story. By updating their brand visuals, packaging and tone of voice, we created an authentic, friendly, delicious brand with a cult like following, getting us in the doors of Starbucks, Costco, Trader Joes and most importantly into the hearts and tummies of Perfect Snacks fans.

Perfect Snacks


When Chuck Silva and MJ wanted to start their own craft brewery in Paso Robles, we were there to help create their brand identity, website and packaging. Bold, confident, with attention to detail, the Silva Brewing brand is fresh just like what's on tap.

Silva Brewing


Alpine Beer Co. is a cherished brew pub with rare and sought after beers. When approached to create an updated brand for Alpine Beer Co. we carefully crafted a plan that would stay true to the personality and history of brewmaster Pat Mchilenney, and keep the hearts of his beer fans and fanatics. This refreshed brand package packs alot of personality, pleasing old and new fans.

Alpine Beer Co.


Green Flash wanted to create an elevated, artful, experience with their barrel aged program. We created  focal point mural which was the backdrop of many group photos, wood burned oak tap handles, exclusive collectible champagne cork and cage bottle designs with gold foil, as well as all their print and digital collateral including a branding guide for all their assets they could continue to build their brand affinity.

Cellar 3


Green Flash wanted to share the genius behind their craft. We created the "Taste Enlightenment" campaign where we focused on the details behind every beer from fresh ingredients and unique brewing techniques. We created a series of videos on beer tastings, hops harvesting and brewmaster interviews, satisfying the most knowledgable beer geek, to those just learning about beer. Results led to the peak of Green Flash sales.

Green Flash Brewing