Green Flash Brewing Branding

Creative Director + Branding Guide + Design: Jennifer White
Senior Designer: Monica Toombs

Label Design: Aaron Grossman from Morris Communications

When we all worked at Morris Communications, Green Flash Brewing Company was one of our clients. Aaron Grossman redesigned their labels, and I was tasked with creating advertisements in the form of a Taste Enlightenment series which were informational posters to satisfy thirsty beer geeks. I ended up leaving Morris Communications for another job, and years later Green Flash reached out to me for a Creative Director position as they decided to build their internal design team. Monica and I were reunited at Green Flash, and together we handled all of their marketing, sales and tasting room requests. 

One of my biggest challenges was cleaning up years worth of old assets, and updating every single asset to match the vibe of the new labels Aaron Grossman had created. I created a new branding guide, complete with POS library, so that as we grew as a design team we would all be consistent creating new assets moving forward. 

Update: It's been many years since I've worked at Green Flash. I left for another position many years ago, and Aaron Grossman replaced my role and is doing some pretty amazing work! I love seeing the brand evolve and the designs today are looking better than ever!



I created storyboards and partnered with video company Ten Stories to create updated and polished videos for Green Flash Brewing Company. We created videos to express Taste Enlightenment, educating fans on our beer, our ingredients, our process and our tasting notes. We created a video following Chuck Silva to Segal Ranch to select just the right hops for our beers, we also created a video advertising a partnership with REI called The Hoppy Adventure Club, pairing outdoor hiking with beer tasting and craft education. We also created a video for Dave Adams, Director of Beer Education, hosting a beer tasting dinner with San Diego locals Aloha Beach Club.

Below showcases the first ever Green Flash Brewing Branding Guide, complete with every asset you could image to launch a brand. All assets were created based on the updated label design.

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