Monthly Digital Marketing

We are offering monthly digital marketing plans to only 7 San Diego business owners. You tell us your goals, and we'll make a plan to reach them. Our aim is to be your personal designer, digital marketer and social manager, giving you back the time to run your business and providing inspirational, professional, storytelling content. Our customized packages may include all or some of the following, based on your needs:

Branding + Design

We'll provide suggestions and updates to make sure your branding and design 

is fresh, current and consistent from your website, to your social channels. We'll also review your website user experience to ensure your clients know exactly where to go.

Digital Ads

Together we'll define what your goals are, be it if you want to drive more traffic to go to your new location, or you want to sell more of a product, or you want to grow your audience online. Then we'll set up your digital ads on facebook, instagram and google strategically targeting your audience.

UX Audit

If we are setting up a plan to drive a bunch of traffic to your website or location through digital marketing, we need to make sure we are providing the best user experience possible! That means when they land on your ad or site, they know exactly where to go to find what they need and we don't lose their attention. We can make small adjustments, or redesign your entire site for an extra cost.

Content Creation

We'll provide at least 1 photoshoot a month to create content for your digital marketing needs. We'll also design infographics and quotes to support your storytelling. 


We'll make sure your site is up to date with the best search engine optimization key terms, and we'll take over your blog to make sure you are providing knowledgable content while creating searchable content, key words and consistent posts.

Public Relations Lite

We'll create relationships online by sharing, liking and commenting with new and old fans. Every day we spend a little time keeping you in the conversation. Because we will have so much information and valuable content, we will also periodically send press releases to your favorite publications, and we can also set up and manage a handful of local influencers.

Social Media Management

Clients are often surprised how time consuming social media management is! Gone are the days you do it yourself or hire a college intern. We'll manage all your social channels such as instagram, facebook, stories, pinterest, yelp and twitter.


We will meet with you every month to go over your social and google analytics reports so you know what's working, and what's not. Algorythms are always changing, so making sure your content is working for you is crucial. We also want to ensure you are reaching new fans, and they are following primary call to actions to purchase or make reservations.


Unlike other agencies with large client lists, we are only choosing to sign 7 businesses each year to focus on customer service, so we are always available to our clients. You can reach us by text, email or social media network, just like reaching out to a friend. We love hearing your ideas and this truly is a partnership: we want you to succeed and we want to tell your unique story.

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