Alpine Brewery Rebrand

Creative Director + Design: Jennifer White
Senior Designer: Megan Stanger

New Branding Guide, Beer Labels, Beer Can and logo redesign: Jennifer White

Alpine Beer Co. is a much loved, small craft brewery in the foothill mountains just 45 mins east of San Diego with a loyal following of locals and craft beer geeks. Fans cherish the small town charm of the brand, and that's something we wanted to maintain when faced with branding the brewery after being acquired by Green Flash Brewing Company in 2015. How do you create a new brand for national distribution, without losing the charm of coveted local Alpine Beer Co.?


We listened to the stories of Pat and Val McIlhenney, founders and brewmaster. We also got to know the patrons who loved Alpine Beer Co. and what they loved about the beer. Then we highlighted all of Alpine's best characteristics. We didn't change the brand, we just made it stronger through storytelling, visuals and brand consistency.

We gave Alpine Brewery a voice. We also gave the brand a personality. Fans and consumers are emotionally attached to the charm (and wit) of the brand as well as it's delicious product. They love that the brewery was built by a real family from the ground up through hard work, for the love of beer, and not taking no for an answer. They feel a certain way when they visit the brewery. We wanted to recreate that feeling warm, cozy, fuzzy feeling of visiting Alpine Brewing Co. every time they picked up a 6 pack of beers in the store. We didn't want to make it too polished, we wanted it to look like a down to earth, honest, brand. The kind of beer you'd go sit on a log with and stare out into the trees.

We rebranded all visuals to reflect their story. Once we established the Alpine voice, we created a branding guide that visually represented the look and feel of the brand. We evolved the logo to make it a bit more modern, and we updated their labels while heavily nodding to the old ones. We then repackaged all bottles, cans, keg collars, shirts, hats, mugs and menus. Visual consistency and recognition is key to a brand's success.

We made Alpine Brewery a destination. In the 1920's the city of Alpine's slogan was "Alpine. The air is better out here!"Now, Alpine is well known for Alpine Brewing Company. Craft beer drinking San Diego locals enjoy the small road trip to the brewery. People also visit the brewery on the way to camping. So we put Alpine on the map, literally on every piece of Alpine Beer Co. packaging. Good beer first, good branding second, and telling an authentic story of real people behind the brand. 



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