Before & After

"My biggest strength as a creative is one of two things; creating something from nothing, or envisioning what an outdated brand could become. This ability proves that designers have visionary powers just like a superhero in a movie, but with real results." —Jennifer White

I'm typically hired to build branding guides and update all creative assets from website ux/ui to packaging, for brands that were small, quickly grew, and were suddenly weighed down with hundreds of assets that did not match due to a lack of branding understanding or a variety of freelancers or designers without a guide for consistency, or for a brand that has been around for a little while, looks dated or a little lost and is in need of a powerful refresh. Please enjoy some of my favorite before and after projects.

Perfect Bar
Alpine Brewery
Brazilia Skincare & Waxing Spa
Coastal Medical
Green Flash Brewing Company